Science Experiments

In Science we are learning about Sound and Light. Sound is energy that you can hear. Sound is made of vibration. A sound’s pitch can either be high or low, and the volume can be loud or soft.

To know more about sound, we conducted several experiments. We used tuning forks to understand the concept of pitch. The pitch’s sound waves can move fast and slow. High pitch makes small and fast moving sound waves, whereas, low pitch creates slow moving and big sound waves. We also did the musical rulers experiment to see the movement of sound in high and low pitches.

In addition, we made more projects such as kazoos to help us understand that vibration makes sound. We made cup phones to know that sound can travel in different medium (gas, solid, and liquid). In the case of our experiment, the string, a solid, vibrated and the sound traveled on the other end of the string.

The kids loved the experiments and all other activities we did for our lesson on sound.

Light is energy that you can see. We conducted experiments to show that without light, we cannot see the things around us. Light can be reflected or refracted. We conducted experiments to show that light can bent and light can move in the opposite direction when it hits a shiny surface such as mirrors or glass.

All light can pass through TRANSPARENT objects. Some light can pass through TRANSLUCENT objects, and no light can pass through OPAQUE objects. A SHADOW is formed when the source of light is blocked.

Here are some pictures of our experiments and activities.

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