Term Three

We will be starting the last term soon. The year is going by fast. I will give you an update on our subjects.

Language Arts:

In our Journeys reading books we are starting a new story called Amazing Animals (Unit 5, Lesson 22). In case you want to read ahead we plan on reading the following stories this term.

  • Unit 5 – Lesson 22 – Amazing Animals
  • Unit 5 – Lesson 24 – A Tree is a Plant
  • Unit 5 – Lesson 25 – The New Friend
  • Unit 6 – Lesson 26 – The Dot.
  • Unit 6 – Lesson 27 – What Can You Do?
  • Unit 6 – Lesson 28 Days with Frog and Toad
  • Unit 6 – Lesson 29 – Hi! Fly Guy


In Math, next we will start Chapter 7 “Compare Numbers” and after that Chapter 8 “Two -Digit Addition and Subtraction”


Next in science we will study a unit of study called “Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles”. We will learn about the following topics:

  • the rotation of the Earth
  • the revolution of the Earth around the Sun
  • the orbit of the planets
  • Earth spins on an imaginary line called an axis, resulting in day and night
  • seasons are caused by the angle of light from the sun as it hits the Earth
  • the sun is the center of our solar system, and allows us to survive
  • the planets, the sun, the moon, all interact to create our solar system
  • we have seasons because of orbit and tilt of the earth as it rotates around the sun.

Social Studies:

Our next unit in social studies is called “Communities and Maps” Below are some of the main topics we will study:

  • basic map symbols can represent land, water, cities and roads.
  • construct simple maps of familiar places using basic map symbols.
  • identify the cardinal directions (north south, east, and west).
  • locate their home, neighborhood, school, and Japan on a visual representation.
  • identify cultural groups of Japan and their characteristics.
  • recognize and explain the similarities and differences between their family and families of other cultures.
  • identify ways that people can change the environment.
  • identify geographic factors that may influence the way people in Japan live.

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