September 2019 Post

Hello Grade 1A Parents,

We are off to a great start this year. We have a great class with students who are ready and willing to learn. I’ll list below what we have been doing in each subject area. If parents are wondering why not so much work is coming home other than the Math and Reader’s Notebook, the students have a file folder which they put their papers in that are given out in class. I will give all their work from this term back at the end of the term. We will use some of these papers to put in their Writing Portfolio which the parents can see at the end of each term and take with them when they leave the school. The Writing Portfolio will move with the student through each grade.

READING: In reading class we are using the Journeys textbooks for our language arts program which includes reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, phonics, and spelling. We are just finishing with the first story “Curious George at School.” We studied it the last 2 weeks. The next story is from a different reading book. The “Curious George at School” story was from a 1.1 level reading book, the first level. The next story which we will start Tuesday Sept. 17 is called “A Cupcake party.” It is from the second level reading book. It says 1.2 on the side of the book. There are 6 levels of books and by the end of the year we will be using the 1.6 (last) level.

WRITING: We are getting writing practice in most subject areas although our Journeys Reading Notebook (workbook) is most important for writing. We also use a writing notebook which we have in school. We recently practiced writing sentences with a naming (noun) part and an action (verb) part. We also write in our Spelling & Vocabulary workbook.

SPELLING: We have a Spelling and Vocabulary workbook which we will use once a week. It compliments our work with the Journeys text and Readers Notebook as many of the same phonics skills are taught, although at different times than the Journeys book. The spelling book also has different spelling words than the Journeys book. We will teach spelling, phonics, and vocabulary from this text as well as with the Journeys book.

MATH: In our Math class we are studying chapter 3, lesson 6 at this time. We skipped the first 2 chapters so you can do those at home if you wish. There are 5 chapter on addition and subtraction and a lot of repetition so we will skip the first 2 chapters. When we finish all the lessons in chapter 3 we will have test, then start chapter 4 (subtraction). Presently, the difficult concept we are studying is the idea of using double numbers, ex: 2+ 2 or 4+4 to add. Also we are learning that it is easier to add double + 1 and doubles – 1 to add and subtract. ex: to get 2+3 = 5, we can add 2 + 2 +1 = 5, or 3 + 3 – 1 = 5, so if we can remember double number (addends) to find sums and differences, it will make it easier when adding and subtracting. A good rule to follow is if one addend is one more than the other, you should use doubles + 1, if one addend (number) is one less than the other, you should use doubles – 1.

SCIENCE: In Science class we studied the traits of living and non living things. presently we are studying about the parts of plants and how plants grow. We planted seeds in clear plastic bags so we can see the seeds sprout. Next we will plant seeds in a pot to watch them grow. Later in the term we will be studying about animals but for now we are focused on plants and plant parts, and what they need to grow, (water, sunlight, soil, and warm air)

Social Studies: In Social Studies we are studying about rules and responsibilities. ex: rules at home, rules at school, rules for outside. We have been studying about the importance of fairness, sharing, taking turns. The students have a workbook which they write in and we supplement these lessons with other activities and group projects.

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