November Update

This is an update on G1A class activities. The first term is almost over and we are working hard each day. As well as our daily class schedule, the students are enjoying their co-curricular classes. Most students are engaged in the AR reading program and usually each month there are many students from grade 1a who get an AR award for keeping their average on the AR book tests above 85%. There are also awards given for one of the core essential values we study each month. We had fun at Halloween with some scary costumes, some superhero characters, and some princesses.


In reading class we usually read a new story every two weeks and complete related assessments. We usually do some combination of the following tests: grammar, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. Presently, we are on the second week of lesson 13 “Seasons.” We have been studying the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) “ph, wh, and sh” in phonics.” In grammar we have been learning about subject/verb agreement. We will also learn how to use contractions. In each story beside the basic understanding of the story there is a target skill to learn. This lesson’s target skill is “cause and effect.” (why something happens and what happens after the cause. We also complete writing lessons. The writing lessons for this story are writing informative sentences. (sentences that tell facts about a topic). This is the basic format of our reading lessons. Throughout the year the stories get progressively more difficult with more words in each story. The next story is lesson 15 “Animal Groups.”


We are usually doing some kind of writing everyday related to the stories we read. We are learning how to do narrative writing by writing a topic sentence, three detail sentences and a concluding sentence. We also are learning how to revise and edit our writing before publishing a good copy.


We have one spelling class a week where we study phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. We have a spelling test once a week. Our school will be having a Spelling Bee and I will be sending home words to practice. The grade 1 and 2 classes will have their own contest separate from the rest of the school. We will choose 2 class winners and then have a contest for the overall winner.


We have four math classes every week. Our math textbook has a lot of written English which makes it a little difficult at first. We learn the concepts first then practice 2 pages in class and 2 pages for homework. Each chapter has the same theme so by the end of the chapter the students have practiced the same concepts many times. We are getting near the end of chapter 5 and will be having a test soon.


We are near the end of our studies about animal habitats, how animals use their body parts, and animal life cycles. Next term we will be learning about light and sound.

Social Studies

This term we learned about rules, relationships, and responsibilities. Next term the theme is “Then and Now.” We will be studying about what children, families, schools, and communities were like in the past compared to now, and how changes have affected our lives.


We have mostly finished studying about plants and animals. In term 2 we will be studying about light and sound. The students will not have a textbook for this unit although we will be using textbook resources at times. Students will be using an Art (sketchbook) book that will be supplied to them to paste all of our related papers

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