February Update

Hello parents, sorry to take so long to update this blog. I will give you an update of what has been happening in class. In general, things are going well and we are covering many topics.

Language Arts

In reading we usually try to complete a new story every two weeks. In that two week period we will have classes on reading, writing, grammar, phonics, vocabulary and spelling. Presently we are just finishing a story called “Where Does Food Come From?” During this story students had to focus on thinking of the important facts in the story to be able to make a conclusion as to what the authors purpose was for writing the story. We had phonics classes on the long “a” sound spelled with “ai” and “ay.” We learned how to use the contractions “ll” and “d.” We had lessons on writing, to write a friendly letter and studied how to use commas and capital letters in dates. The next story is “Tomas Rivera” which is Lesson 19 in our Unit 4 reading textbook. It is the story of a poor migrant Mexican family who come to pick crops on farms in the United States. A young boy (Tomas Rivera) learns about the importance of reading from his grandfather and the grandfather takes him to a library where Tomas takes interest in reading and later in life become a teacher. In this story the target skills to learn are the “sequence of events” and how to “monitor and clarify” your reading. In grammar we will learn how to use “future tense” words, and the contractions ” ‘ve, and ‘re. We will write personal narrative stories. In phonics we will learn the “oa” and “ow” sounds. There is always an important question to think about throughout the stories we read and in this story the important question is “Why is it important to learn about people from the past?” This is the last story in Unit 4 and we will use two more reading textbooks after this story. Each time we change reading textbooks the stories get a little more difficult.


We have a spelling textbook and study spelling and vocabulary once a week and have a spelling quiz on the words for each lesson. This book is a good compliment to our reading lessons as it gives more time to focus on spelling, phonics, and word usage. We are presently at Unit 23 “long e” words.


In our math textbook we are presently on chapter 8 “Two – Digit Addition and Subtraction. We just finished lesson 8. It is a little difficult so I would like to ask parents to check their math homework to see if they need help. There are only 2 more lessons in this chapter before we have a test. The next chapter, chapter 9 is “Measurement.”


Presently we are studying about sound and light. we do not have a science text for this but we do have a science journal which is an A4 sized craft paper notebook which we paste our work into. We have been doing a lot of experiments to learn that sound is made from vibrations and vibrations can make sound. We also learned about pitch and frequency (how high or soft a sound is), and sound waves. The more vibrations in a sound, the higher the pitch or frequency. We are finished the section on sound and will have a short quiz on it this before studying our next topic” light.”

Social Studies

Our unit in social studies is called “Now and Then.” We have been studying and comparing the past with the present. We do have a workbook for this topic which we use and also supplement with other resources. Come and have a look at our grade 1A timelines on the wall outside the classroom.

Core Essential Values and AR Reading Awards

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