March Update

Language Arts

In our reading class we read the story “Frog and Toad” but we didn’t get to do many of the related lessons. We learned the new vocabulary words and we studied the phonics sounds -ar, -or, and -ore. We also studied the personal pronouns: -he, -she, -it, -we, and -they. We will continue with lessons from this story before we start new stories. You may not know that we have 6 levels of the journeys reading textbook and we change levels throughout the year. Starting in term 3 we start using the level 1.6 reading which is the last level in grade one. The stories are a little more difficult and they have more words.


Presently, we are at unit 27 in the spelling book. We will check that when the students return. The students did a great job when we had the grade 1a class and lower elementary Spelling Bee. Shanvi and Xintong were the class winners and the lower elementary Spelling Bee winners. Congratulations girls!


In math we just started Chapter 9 (Measurement). There are 3 chapters left, Chapter 10 (Represent Data), Chapter 11 (Three-Dimensional Geometry), and Chapter 12 (Two – Dimensional Geometry). The students are good in math so we are able to complete the material fairly quickly.


This term we studied sound and light. We finished the part on sound, but we didn’t quite finish the section on light so we finish that when everyone returns in April. After that we will learn about our Earth, the moon, sun and planets and relationships between them

Social Studies

We finished our unit on “Now and Then” except for a country timeline the students were working on in groups. When they come back they will finish their timeline and each group will give a presentation to the class. After that we will start our final unit called “Communities and Maps.”

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