May Update

Hello Parents,

I am just writing a short entry while I upload the “Mothers Day” video that Ms. Hannah made. We know that this situation may be causing some extra stress for families and we are sorry for any inconvenience we may be causing. Many mothers and fathers are working extra hard to help their children with the computer and homework. We are concerned about finding a balance between the right amount of work to learn the necessary skills and too much work. We understand that parents have to help with uploading, downloading, printing, and helping in many other ways which takes away from your other duties. If you have any questions about our lessons please send me or Ms. Hannah an email. What we usually do in the classroom with lessons is explain the topic, practice it in class, then assign homework. With learning at home we had to modify out lessons to teach the concept and then find a balance between class work and homework. I hope we are not causing you too much stress at home.

Ms. Hannah’s Mothers Day Video Collage of all Grade 1A Mothers and Children

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