Today is the last day of January and it also happens to be Aldo’s birthday! Happy birthday Aldo!

In today’s post, we will focus on what we are learning about in Social Studies and Science.

In Social Studies, we are learning that over time, many things change– including ourselves!
We are focusing on ourselves and we are making a personal timeline.
We will be adding texts and pictures to our timeline. When it is done, it might be put on display outside our classroom! Please come and see.

In Science, we are learning about sound and light.
Do you know what sound is, really? Try asking your child! They will be able to explain what happens to the air when a sound is made.
Also, try asking your child to make a wave for you at home. At school, we got into two groups and made a giant wave and competed to see which group made it better! It was a tie since we both did it so well.

That’s it for January!

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