Grade 4 Orientation Day 2020

Welcome to Grade 4, dear parents and students! We’re very excited to be working with you this school year. I’m Ms. Lane, and I will be your child’s homeroom teacher together with Ms. Abi.


Mr. Maxfield has a message for the TYIS Community.


Say hi to Ms. Lane and Ms. Abi!


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Ms. Abi and I prepared some information for G4. Please read through the slides below in the Open House PDF.

Check out our class schedule!


For returning and new students, please have a look at the Google Classroom tutorial video below. Make sure you’ve logged in to your child’s account for the Q&A session in the afternoon.


The Google Meet link will be posted on the blog and our Google Classroom at 1:50pm. Please send me an email at if you need any help in logging in to Google Classroom or accessing the link. 


Watch this video prepared by the Sakura Medal team for some information on this fun event.

I’m so excited to start the year with you all!

Ms. Abi and I will see everyone Tuesday, August 25!

March Homework

The Newsletter March 2-13 PDF attached below includes all of the March homework for the school closure. The first two pages are assignments from co-curricular teachers, and the final page is from me. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Mr. Ebert and I are available to help in any way possible during regular school hours. Don’t be afraid to reach out! Let’s make the most of the most of a less than ideal situation by continuing to work together to provide our students with meaningful learning opportunities.

Newsletter March 2-13
(If you have trouble viewing the newsletter, it is also available via ClassDojo.)

Term 2 Summary

Dear Parents,

Abe’s announcement for schools to close caught many of us by surprise, but fortunately Term 2 was nearly at its end! We thought that we’d take this opportunity to reflect on everything that your students already learned and accomplished:

Language Arts:
*Wrote a fictional narrative with a theme.
*Studied features of informational texts by learning about winter events.
*Used text evidence to respond to fiction and non-fiction.
*Identified different points of view.
*Held a class reader’s theater using The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.
*Separated facts and opinions.
*Began working on persuasive arguments.

*Learned about factors, multiples, and patterns.
*Improved understanding of fractions by studying equivalence and comparisons.
*Increased division fluency.
*Began adding and subtracting fractions.
*Practiced different kinds of word problems.

*Wrote a research paper on a natural disaster.
*Built catapults using the design process form Term 1.
*Learned extensively about the structures and functions of plants and animals.
*Conducted a science experiment with celery and food coloring.

Social Studies
*Created brochures for their own original countries.
*Learned about natural resources and how they affect the global economy.
*Compared and contrasted goods & services, needs & wants, and supply & demand.
*Designed and sold t-shirts to better understand how items receive value.

*Celebrated Christmas with a class party.
*Held an exciting talent show, with many G4 emcees and participants!
*Had an awesome birthday party!
*Participated in a school-wide spelling bee.
*Began a pen pal program with a school in Scotland.
*Decorated desks.
*Stood up against bullies by participating in Pink Shirt Day.
*Dressed up for Character Day and Animal Day!
*Ski Camp!!!

While many of these pictures were already posted on ClassDojo, please see the below gallery for some photos of the above activities. We hope that Term 3 will be just as exciting and educational for the students, as we still have a lot of lessons and activities planned! If you have any questions, Mr. Ebert and I are available Monday to Friday 8:00-4:00, except during our planned spring break. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the school closure, the canceled parent-teacher conferences, or the upcoming term. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ms. Lane

Term 1 Summary

Hello everyone,

Hard to believe that term 1 is coming to an end so soon! We’ve had a wonderful 3 months here in the 4th grade, and we are already excited for term 2. As you know, we usually use ClassDojo for news, updates, and information about what we do in class. However, we thought that we should review some of the term’s highlights on the blog!

Students help make the class rules on the first day of school:

Students learned to work together in small groups for language arts (and occasionally math):

Students learned about the design process by designing “marshmallow towers”:

Awesome guest lectures from parents about foreign geography and culture:

Additionally, your students learned about:
*Multiplying Double-Digit Numbers
*Long division
*the Writing Process
*Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value (Review)
*Comparing & Contrasting

We also celebrated Halloween and had two birthday parties!

Thank you so much for all your time and support so far this year. Can’t wait to share more details with you at the Parent-Teacher conferences next week. See you soon!