Term 1 Summary

Hello everyone,

Hard to believe that term 1 is coming to an end so soon! We’ve had a wonderful 3 months here in the 4th grade, and we are already excited for term 2. As you know, we usually use ClassDojo for news, updates, and information about what we do in class. However, we thought that we should review some of the term’s highlights on the blog!

Students help make the class rules on the first day of school:

Students learned to work together in small groups for language arts (and occasionally math):

Students learned about the design process by designing “marshmallow towers”:

Awesome guest lectures from parents about foreign geography and culture:

Additionally, your students learned about:
*Multiplying Double-Digit Numbers
*Long division
*the Writing Process
*Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value (Review)
*Comparing & Contrasting

We also celebrated Halloween and had two birthday parties!

Thank you so much for all your time and support so far this year. Can’t wait to share more details with you at the Parent-Teacher conferences next week. See you soon!