Fall Camp

This is Miyu and Soomin.

Fall camp was really fun because we did so many activities such as canoeing, hiking, camp fire and limbo!

On the first day, we canoed in front of Mount Fuji and it was so beautiful. In the scavenger hunt, Miyu, Cathy and Cindy’s cabin came in first place! At night we did limbo and Momoka and Cindy won from grade 6.

On the second day, we canoed again and hiked. It was raining but we hiked until the top! Going down was faster than going up because it was more fun. But everyone kept falling down and our hair got so wet like we showered. At night, we played Werewolf as a class. It was so much fun!

On the last day, we made postcards. Then we played in the gym. One of the games we played was called Crocodile. Some people were slipping because they were wearing socks but it was lots of fun.

Thank you!

I hope everyone received their postcards from their child and was able to see photos on Cluster.

This month’s Core Value award for Courage went to two courageous students:

Jason, for being friendly to everyone despite being in a new school / environment

Haru, for always showing leadership to the class and the school