2020 Middle School Trip Presentations

Dear Middle School Parents,

We are happy to announce that after lots of hard work, research, and rehearsal, the middle school students have completed their proposals for the middle school trip. While we ultimately decided upon Kyushu/Nagasaki as our 2020 trip destination, all groups did an excellent job planning their presentations.

Planning a group trip is challenging work, and I think that all students were able to develop many valuable life skills (budgeting, scheduling, research, etc.) through this exercise. Feel free to take a look at the student trip proposal slideshows here:

Korea – (G7) Olivia, GyuWon, Sarara
Kyushu – (G8) Kokoro, Haruya
Osaka – (G7) JaeHun, Riki, YooJae
Hokkaido – (G7) Krishay, Lin, Hisato, Yuki

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