Grade 7 and 8 Projects: Design a Manor and Advertise an Invention

As we approach Ski Camp and our Middle School Trip to Nagasaki, TYIS Middle School students have a lot to be excited about! In the meantime, we are still learning a lot and creating some cool projects right here at school.

Grade 7 is studying Medieval Europe, and are working their creative skills to design and draw an original feudal manor — a tiny, mostly self-sufficient kingdom of their own creation!

Grade 8 is studying the Industrial Revolution, and to learn more about the world-changing innovations of the time period, they undertook a two-part project in which they researched and took on the role of a 19th-century inventor and then created an advertisement that promotes their revolutionary creation.

I’m looking forward to sharing lots of photos from our upcoming trips. Check in next month and in March to have a look!

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