Welcome to Kindergarten!

We made a connection web during the first week to talk about how we are all connected and that we are part of a K5 and TYIS group!
Lunch Time!
Listening Game!
Go Noodle Time
Recess Time
We have recess at different places and with different classes throughout the week!

Free reading time! We are happy to see that everyone seems to love books and that they get along very nicely with each other.

Everyone did such a wonderful job with writing the Alphabet letters that we did a “Museum Walk” to look at each other’s work!
We use the whiteboards to practice math.
Everyone worked diligently and practiced writing numbers on the math workbooks.
We like playing the counting game!
4 Core Time – September’s big idea is Trust!

P.E. – 1st lesson!
K5 students first learned how to take care of iPads nicely in their I.T. class.
Last week, K5 students were able to use the iPads independently!
K5 Class 2019!

We are very grateful to have such kind, happy, and hard-working students in K5, and we are looking forward to seeing them learn and grow!

Ms. Nam and Mr. Erick

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  1. Thank you for sharing us what our children are doing at school. I enjoyed watching lots of photos. I’m really relieved that Haruka seems to enjoy his school life with wonderful friends.

    Haruka often talks about “Go Noodle” at home, but I didn’t get it exactly. Now I can see what he’s talking about.

    I’m looking forward to next month update. I always appreciate your hard work to teach our children.

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