October 2019

October was a month full of new and exciting experiences for students in K5!

Ms. Christina, our school counselor, came to K5 to teach us about different emotions, and our K5 students drew their monsters with different emotions!
Recess on the roof/tennis court on a beautiful sunny day 🙂
Learning about different shapes with iPads.
In our Social Studies unit, we learned about families. We learned that everyone’s family is very special! They drew pictures and labeled the members of their family.
We learned about patterns and that there are some patterns of weathers over time. K5 students showed their understanding by drawing out a pattern with suns and clouds.
All of our K5 students were very courageous going on their first Fall Camp! For many of our K5 students, it was their first time being away from parents for a long time, but they were all truly fantastic! Great job K5 🙂
Morning Routine!
Wow! They are almost always very concentrated and hard-working. We learned the different ways to make a number using counters.
Decorating our “Trick or Treating” bags!
Not everyone wanted to carve out the pumpkin, but we had fun! We all voted on the design, and every student contributed by drawing the face 🙂
K5 Cat Pumpkin!
Yay! Cute and awesome costumes!
Relaxing time! We watched Halloween related shows.
ShiChen’s family gave us all Halloween treats!

Wow. It feels like our first term is passing by so quickly! We have been very busy, but we enjoyed our time together in K5! We are looking forward to learning and growing much more!

Thank you!

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