February 2020

Pink Shirt Day!
We talked about how we can help to create a world (around us) without bullying. Everyone thought of ways to be kind and drew on pink shirts for display 🙂

Free Reading Time 😀

Reading with Partners 🙂

Whiteboards 🙂
We began practicing how to write in complete sentences!

Valentine’s Day Handbell Performance

Spelling Bee

Rooftop Recess 🙂

P.E. Time

They practiced dribbling with basketball!

Art Class

Social Studies
What are your responsibilities?

Math – Building Shapes!


100th Day in School!
It was a special day, so the students got to make anything they liked with 100 unifix cubes (linking cubes)!

G1~G8 Ski Trip Week!
Special Week for K5 students 😀

Math Shapes Bingo!
We practiced sounding out the letters to write words with shaving cream!
Winter Drawing/Painting 🙂
We painted the 3D snowflakes made with glue and salt!
Paint with Motion
How can we mix the colors and move the paint without touching it?
We tilted the paper or blew the paint to move it 😀
Friday, Feb. 28th
They all sat and ate snack together very happily 🙂
We will miss you during March! See you all when you get back~!!

February was a busy but fun month for us! Everyone seems to have grown so much since the beginning of the year. Especially after the winter break!

We are really glad to have such kind-hearted and hard-working students in K5. Thank you to all the families for your support at home.

Again, we are looking very forward to seeing everyone in April with all the new K5 students!

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