March 2019

Top row: Andrew, Ryan, Misaki, Tomohito, Bato, Aldo, Justin, Miles, Abdullah, Daniele, Yuka
Front row: Tsumugi, Ryuichiro, Minwoo, Yuzuki, Daisy, Curtis, Keikan, Micaela, Juan, Takahiro

(Siyoon, Annie, and Shanvi were not here today)

Welcome to our new students in K5!! Everyone has been very friendly and cooperative. We are so thankful to have such a nice group of students in K5!

K5 students voted for their top 3 favorite drawings for the Sakura Medal Book contest!

Spring time!

KG5 students from downstairs came to visit us. Everyone did such a wonderful job introducing themselves confidently!

Looking through their Writing Portfolio before the conference

First day of swimming class!!

Pajama Day!!

Thank you very much to all of the students and families for such a wonderful start of Term 3. We are looking very forward to spending our last semester with all of you!!

Have a wonderful spring break!

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