Ski Camp & School Closure

The grade 6 class had an amazing time at ski camp! We skied until we were sore and had some exciting grade 6 time 😉

A big congratulations to Ukyo who won the G6 arm wrestling competition!

Ski Camp!

Please check the cluster app and the gallery on the right hand side for more pictures!

The grade 6 class also said a warm good bye to three amazing members of our class, Soomin, Cathy and Ukyo.

We wish them the best of luck at their new school and look forward to their visits back to TYIS!! 🙂

We also said a warm welcome to our newest member of the g6 class, Samuel! We are very excited to have you join our class 🙂

Soomin’s last day

Lastly, due to the corona virus outbreak, TYIS has been closed to students until the end of spring break. I (and the G6 ASK teacher) have provided work for students to complete by the end of March. This list has been given to students and set to parents by email.

Please stay healthy and safe, and have a relaxing spring break!

TYIS Spelling Bee!

This week’s blog post is by Yuma and Jinseo 🙂

This year, we our spelling bee. There were 2 students from each grade. From elementary-school, the first place winner was Haru, second was Lisa, third was Lucas, and the fourth was Cindy. For middle-school, first place was Gyuwon, second was Olivia, and the third was Lin. Everyone did a good job and congratulation to the winners of the spelling bee!!

Another big congratulations to Haru who has been invited by the Japan Times Spelling Bee Competition! Best of luck!!

First few weeks of 2020

It is the start of a new decade, with many exciting events!

Firstly, we would like to say a big GOOD LUCK to our two class spelling bee winners: Cindy and Haru!

The third and forth place winners were Jinseo and Soomin. Good luck to you too!

We also did a science experiment on wind on Thursday and learnt that wind can be produced if we create a high pressure system and a low pressure system!

Lastly, our first blog post for 2020 is written by Judah, Hiroki and Ryan:

What Everyone did for Winter Break

Miyu went to Okinawa and swam in the beach.

Judah went to Spain and played soccer in a Spanish tournament for Japan. HE got 1st place in the 2nd league.

Soomin went to Spotcha with Momoka, Elina, Kai and brothers.

Cindy went to Taiwan and had a lot of fun with her family.

Jason went to Korea and visited his grandmother.

Yuma went to Disney Cruise in Orlando and traveled around The Gulf Of Mexico.

Kai went to Spotcha and played baseball games.

Hiroki played Fortnite with his friends and stayed home. He ate yummy Omochi.

Momoka played in Spotcha with Soomin and Kai and Elina

Ryan went to Hokkaido and played and skied.

Cathy just played games.

Elina went to the Onsen 2 times.

Haru went bowling and played Minecraft.

Nathan went to Korea and played games in his room.

Jinseo went to Korea and played with his friends.

Ukyo studied hard for Juken. He also played a game called Big Paintball.

Hetvi did nothing apparently.

Daiki studied for his Juken. 

Ms.Koh went to England and her home.

End of 2019!

Talent Show is Almost Here!

By: Momoka, Cindy, and Hetvi. (Written on December 12th)

Yay! Are you excited for tomorrow’s talent show? I hope you are! There will be many different performances occurring during talent show. Here’s the grade 6 students’ performances:

1. Soomin & Momoka: (Dance) Mama

2. Haru: (Piano) Thinking out Loud

3. Cindy: (Singing) Flashlight

4. Kai: (Piano) Bohemian Rhapsody

Please enjoy this year’s talent show. See you there!

The grade 6 performers did an outstanding job and I am sure all the students and parents who watched were amazed at their talents!

We also heard a lot of talents at our first grade 6 party, which included a karaoke contest that everyone got a prize for 🙂

Winter break begins today, and I hope everyone has a relaxing winter break, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Guest Speaker in G6

On Wednesday, we had the chance to speak with a student at Purdue University (the University that Neil Armstrong went to), who is studying to become an astronaut!

The talk started by his explanation of Einstein’s theory of relativity. He then explained to us that time is actually different depending on the altitude and speed you are going!

(We also learnt something interesting/smart to say when our parents tell us to finish playing games 😀 ) 

Then, he kindly spend a few minutes answering our questions about space.

Here is a list of a few things we learnt! 

There is actually more to the Big Bang theory! 

The sun could become a black hole!

We are actually making other people move due to our gravitational force! 

We could live longer if we are moving faster! 

The international space station is actually not burning any fuel while it’s up in space! 

If you are interested in these points, please ask a grade 6 student to explain!

I hope the this opportunity let the grade 6 students become more curious about space and science 🙂 

Halloween 2019

TYIS Halloween 2019 Successful? Absolutely.

The TYIS Halloween event 2019 was a great success! Everybody enjoyed the games provided by the PTA, and the Haunted House was creepy and spooky too.

Everyone wore extremely amazing, cool and even cute costumes at the costume show and I expect that everyone received a lot of candy and snacks! Even if it was tow weeks ago, we cannot forget the extremely amazing, and fun time we had at Halloween!


By Haru and Nathan

The grade 6 had a great time at Halloween this year as the day was full of exciting activities. We were a little shocked that we did not win a place in the pumpkin carving contest as we thought our pumpkin was very unique.

Lastly, we have finished our science and social studies projects! They are looking amazing! Here are some projects:

Fall Camp

This is Miyu and Soomin.

Fall camp was really fun because we did so many activities such as canoeing, hiking, camp fire and limbo!

On the first day, we canoed in front of Mount Fuji and it was so beautiful. In the scavenger hunt, Miyu, Cathy and Cindy’s cabin came in first place! At night we did limbo and Momoka and Cindy won from grade 6.

On the second day, we canoed again and hiked. It was raining but we hiked until the top! Going down was faster than going up because it was more fun. But everyone kept falling down and our hair got so wet like we showered. At night, we played Werewolf as a class. It was so much fun!

On the last day, we made postcards. Then we played in the gym. One of the games we played was called Crocodile. Some people were slipping because they were wearing socks but it was lots of fun.

Thank you!

I hope everyone received their postcards from their child and was able to see photos on Cluster.

This month’s Core Value award for Courage went to two courageous students:

Jason, for being friendly to everyone despite being in a new school / environment

Haru, for always showing leadership to the class and the school


YMCA Events

By: Kai and Ukyo

Hello. We are Ukyo and Kai.  We are the bloggers of the month.  Let me introduce our selves.

We went to the Donation Campaign on September 14th, along with many other TYIS students.

Also, we both went to the Charity Run on September 23rd. This project was for helping the people all around the world. Kai was amazingly seventh place and Ukyo was the last place.  But we all had fun!

It is great to see the grade 6 students participating in not only TYIS events but also YMCA events! There will be many more YMCA events to come so please join if you have the time 🙂

I would also like to congratulate the two students who received the TRUST award in G6: Miyu, for always displaying responsibility, and Kai, for helping others in need. Well done!

Thank you

Student Council

By: Momoka, Cindy, and Elina

                        TYIS is organizing the new system, “Student Council”. A lot of students gave speeches for what they want to do to make the school a better place. Some students also made posters, too! They’re many jobs and parts, and all the students have been assigned with 1 specific job, as shown below;

                  We hope that this year’s student council will be successful and great!

Here are the videos of the grade 6 students’ speeches!

Welcome to Grade 6

Hello, and welcome to the grade 6 blog for 2019-2020 😀

The first official week of school has ended and the grade 6 students have been working and studying hard! Everyones’ motivation to get a high grade is outstanding!!! I am truly amazed!

Since I did not really introduce myself, I will explain a little about me in this blog post 😉

I am Saki Koh, and I go by Ms.Koh.

I was born in Japan, and lived in the Kansai area. I attended an international school in Kobe for three years, then moved to Australia. I lived there for 10 years and came back to Japan. I then attended an international school in Osaka for high school. 

As I was also an international school student in Japan, I understand the education your children are experiencing! 🙂 Personally, I loved going to an international school because of all the exciting and different experiences, however at the same time, it did lead to some confusion here and there.

My nationality is Korea, however I do not speak Korean… only a little tiny bit as I have never lived there. My father is from Jeju, so I used to visit Jeju every year when I was young 😉 

I then went to International Christian University in Tokyo. After university, I worked at a tutoring firm in Tokyo, then got my teaching license from Washington DC. I have experienced working at a few international schools in Japan as tutors in after school programs and in summer schools! 

I began working at TYIS in 2017, so this is my third year teaching grade 6 🙂  (I was also the grade 2 assistant for three months!)

Grade 6 is an unique grade, as it is their transition year into middle school. I always make sure the students promote from grade 6 prepared for some big changes – academically and socially – as they enter middle school. 

There are also a handful of students who will leave grade 6 a little earlier for their entry into a Japanese middle school. I hope we are able to make some unforgettable memories together as a class of 18 students while it lasts!

Lastly, as a class, we decided that we are going to be caring, responsible, respectful, fair, cooperating, smart, trustworthy, creative, positive, organized, “the best”, team. I look forward to creating a fun and exciting year, as they practice to set good examples for lower grades and become more independent. 😀

Our class goal 🙂

Next week, some students will write a blog post for us so please check our blog!

Have a great weekend!