Self Control

Last month our word was “self-control”. We will tell you about the month’s animal, the crow. The crow is a very intelligent animal, and has great eye sight. It is super social. few years Captive, hand raise crows were offered food they generally liked (bread for instance). They were repeatedly shown that if they didn’t gobble up the bread right away,  a snack they liked better, such as grapes or bit sausage, soon appear. the birds could trade up. And they did! the crows didn’t jump at the first snack, but  waited until something more scrumptious appeared researchers have also known crows highly intelligent  while crows have been recorded sharpening sticks to use as tools. So crows are intelligent and social, and they can control their impulses. Thank you for reading our paragraph.

By Rina and Aditi

Spelling Bee

As the year 2018 ended and the year 2019 started, the students at TYIS are having a blast in the school. There is a big event coming to TYIS. From 3rd grade to the 8th grade, the students and teachers are very thrilled to watch the spelling bee. On February 1st, there is a spelling bee competition for grade 3 to 8. The students are working hard win the class bee. First, the 2 winners in each in each class will go the inter school spelling bee. Then, the person who win the school spelling bee will go to the national spelling bee. The whole school is very hype for spelling bee. Today, in grade 6 the winners were Yuki and Yume. Congratulations ! Let us see who will win  the spelling bee this year.


Krishay Jhaveri

Talent Show

       This year, we had an awesome talent show, because we had a lot of students performing. Every performer did a great job, and entertained the audience! Even some of the teachers put great effort on this event, decorating, collecting music, and making slideshows. Also, the Violin club and the Dance team practiced a lot and did a great job.

        This event was a big success! Next year, we hope even more students will participate and show their talents. We hope to have a great talent show next year as well. We hope to have many people participate in this event and every other events we have in TYIS. Thank you!

By: Cindy and Ananya


In G4 4 core, I watched a funny video with my class about cooperation. A man in the video said cooperation is like the process of making brownies. He said if all the ingredients work together they make a tasty brownie. He also said if the ingredients work alone they will taste disgusting, and eventually, it wouldn’t be a good brownie. I thought this was a good lesson was good to share. If friends work together they can do anything.

By: Aditi Sunder Kannappan

2018 TYIS Halloween!

      This year’s halloween was a huge success!
          In the total of six activities, what activity did you like best?
          My favorite activity was the haunted house.
          The TYIS PTA, and some other G7 and G8 kids used a lot of time and effort to make the haunted house scary.
           I enjoyed having the halloween event, and I think you did too. Lets give the people who hosted this year’s halloween event a big applause!
          The TYIS PTA also hosted the other 5 games.
          Everybody’s halloween costume was cool / cute! In your opinion, who had the coolest / cutest costume?
         I think everybody’s costumes were great!
             Also, I think that you got tons of candy and snacks. I think you are eating one candy right now! I also had lots of snacks, but I mostly ate them.
          I liked this year’s halloween the best. How about you?
             What is your favorite event at school? Is it halloween? I hope it is!
By Haru Morioka