2018 TYIS Halloween!

      This year’s halloween was a huge success!
          In the total of six activities, what activity did you like best?
          My favorite activity was the haunted house.
          The TYIS PTA, and some other G7 and G8 kids used a lot of time and effort to make the haunted house scary.
           I enjoyed having the halloween event, and I think you did too. Lets give the people who hosted this year’s halloween event a big applause!
          The TYIS PTA also hosted the other 5 games.
          Everybody’s halloween costume was cool / cute! In your opinion, who had the coolest / cutest costume?
         I think everybody’s costumes were great!
             Also, I think that you got tons of candy and snacks. I think you are eating one candy right now! I also had lots of snacks, but I mostly ate them.
          I liked this year’s halloween the best. How about you?
             What is your favorite event at school? Is it halloween? I hope it is!
By Haru Morioka

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